Cardi B - Up [Official Music Video]

Cardi B - Up
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Atlantic Records
Commissioner: Kareem Johnson / OverScene LLC
SVP / Head of Marketing: Marsha St. Hubert
Video Operations for Atlantic Records: Lily Thrall
Prod Co: UnderWonder Content
Director: Tanu Muino
Exec Producer: Frank Borin \u0026 Ivanna Borin
Producer: Tay Hawes
Director of Photography: Nikita Kuzmenko
Production Designer: Brandon Mendez
1st AD: Jonas Morales
Editor: Vinnie Hobbs
Color: Dave Hussey
Beauty/VFX: Max Colt
Choreography: Sean Bankhead
Styling: Kollin Carter
Hair: Tokyo Stylez
Makeup: Erika LaPearl
Nails: Marie Nailz




  • floppy b

    Barbz QueendomBarbz QueendomΠριν 32 λεπτά
  • Dah 🌞 iz...Up

    TargaryenTargaryenΠριν 43 λεπτά
  • Bru what the hell are girls hyping this song up for? Shits trash. Most music now adage is trash. Take me back to the early 2000’s mid 90’s

    Joel DelarivaJoel DelarivaΠριν ώρα
  • Bro who else would buy cardi's white dress for your wedding ik ibwould

    Victoria EVictoria EΠριν ώρα
  • Producers: how much money would you like to spend on this video? Cardi: *_yes_*

    Winter_0Winter_0Πριν 2 ώρες
  • 1:08

    Cameron RaCameron RaΠριν 2 ώρες
  • So someone in our world listens to this for fun🙃

    ilookfineilookfineΠριν 3 ώρες
  • Icónica

    Emmanuel ManriqueEmmanuel ManriqueΠριν 3 ώρες
  • She lesbian?

    Gloria EspinozaGloria EspinozaΠριν 4 ώρες
    • No she straight

      imvu seriesimvu seriesΠριν 2 ώρες
  • Cardi B on Janet Jackson, JLO tip in this video with the dancing 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • These women these days need to stop wearing SO MUCH MAKEUP they be looking like a man and they need to stop getting PLASTIC SURGERY be yourself let the people get use to it who else agrees

    D.DD.DΠριν 4 ώρες
  • My mind: Is a great song Song: I know that's right!

    Assilem OrumAssilem OrumΠριν 4 ώρες
  • Cardy b juro que es la primera cancion que escucho de ella y juro que la ame canta super bien y que vestimenta enamora .

    Belen LuzBelen LuzΠριν 4 ώρες
  • did she just say the F word

    Ted HumeTed HumeΠριν 5 ώρες
  • well Im never going to be the same again O_O

    Ted HumeTed HumeΠριν 5 ώρες
  • I was trying to type In boyfriend from friday night funk but shoulder touched b O_O

    Ted HumeTed HumeΠριν 5 ώρες
  • Demasiado bulgar

    Frank CastroFrank CastroΠριν 5 ώρες
  • Maior que a nicki afundada minaj

    Luiz RicardoLuiz RicardoΠριν 6 ώρες
  • Oomgg

    Valentina CaroValentina CaroΠριν 6 ώρες
  • Watching her do this choreography is sending me😂😂😂😂

    SCSCΠριν 6 ώρες
  • She said dusty bytch got pink eye 😂😂

    Sqetch HSqetch HΠριν 6 ώρες
  • This is quite literally the worse music I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Currently heading to the hospital, my ear drums are bleeding and I might have brain damage from listening to this.

    FaireRBXFaireRBXΠριν 7 ώρες
    • So move on!!

      Aries PhoenixAries PhoenixΠριν 5 ώρες
  • Video and song makes me turn up and turns me on at the same damn time what a bargain!!

    Rockstar MoodzRockstar MoodzΠριν 7 ώρες
  • foda pra krlh

    viníciuslimafernandesviníciuslimafernandesΠριν 8 ώρες
  • Telling my kids this was the movie Up

    Stormy SkiesStormy SkiesΠριν 9 ώρες
  • God iz...Up and Stuck huh

    TargaryenTargaryenΠριν 9 ώρες
  • Супер качает

    Design BorovitskyDesign BorovitskyΠριν 10 ώρες
  • мелодия из ада

    peat compeat comΠριν 10 ώρες
  • is this a comic video??? hahahahahha

    Sergio IovinoSergio IovinoΠριν 10 ώρες
  • скіки гамна сука в музика

    Nazar BoykaNazar BoykaΠριν 10 ώρες

    latresha wrightlatresha wrightΠριν 10 ώρες
  • Where the video on the boat that was better.

    D SD SΠριν 10 ώρες
  • 1:57 voice crack

    Corona Is ShitCorona Is ShitΠριν 11 ώρες
  • 🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🔥🔥🔥💔💔💔💔💔💔😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

    Smith18 FernandesSmith18 FernandesΠριν 12 ώρες
  • Porque tanta música no palavrão kkkkkkkk

    🎭尺ㄩ丂ㄖҜㄚ🎭🎭尺ㄩ丂ㄖҜㄚ🎭Πριν 13 ώρες
  • Anybody else peep the offset tattoo on the back on her thigh? Seen this video a million times and never noticed.

    Sophia GroveSophia GroveΠριν 13 ώρες
  • Wow just wow

    Patrick SmithPatrick SmithΠριν 13 ώρες
  • you are crazy!

    Blackpink Around The WorldBlackpink Around The WorldΠριν 13 ώρες
  • Love this :) Makes you want to Dance :)

    kookychookookychooΠριν 13 ώρες
  • This song is about the things that u don't learn in school 😃

    Larry LuzarLarry LuzarΠριν 14 ώρες

    Alann StanleyAlann StanleyΠριν 14 ώρες
  • cardi are kissing A GIRL

    Kim PanazzolaKim PanazzolaΠριν 14 ώρες
  • It be like that I fear💋😭😭💋💋😂😂🥷🌈

    Jai IngerJai IngerΠριν 15 ώρες
  • So whats the lyrics of this song UP to? NOT a good influence.

    jcris olinanjcris olinanΠριν 15 ώρες
  • Playing the song with a full volume in a speaker, while my whole is around and listenin. The good thing is that they don't understand english.

    Jerricho CataquezJerricho CataquezΠριν 15 ώρες
  • 3:51.

    Tamara petisTamara petisΠριν 15 ώρες
  • Y.@.O.I.

    Tamara petisTamara petisΠριν 15 ώρες
  • The fawk

    Marygachalovleyxx AlkhMarygachalovleyxx AlkhΠριν 15 ώρες
  • I find it funny that wwe wants to use this song for summer slam

    Rel ThompsonRel ThompsonΠριν 17 ώρες
  • 👑

    DavidDavidΠριν 17 ώρες
  • Cardi b she is awesome🤗🤗😍😍

    Ronnety MashindaRonnety MashindaΠριν 17 ώρες
  • I don’t like cardi b but this goes hard no cap

    Christy CookChristy CookΠριν 18 ώρες
  • No need to bad mouth about her people watch that's why it exist simple as hell.

    Neha KhatriNeha KhatriΠριν 18 ώρες
  • Cardi b is a childhood ruinder 😂😂😂😂

    Jayr CervantesJayr CervantesΠριν 19 ώρες
  • Wow creí que era nicki minaj hasta se parece un montón a ella

    Emerald RevelesEmerald RevelesΠριν 20 ώρες
  • Where’s my BardiGang?

    Mar KinneyMar KinneyΠριν 20 ώρες
  • 1:10

  • For me she just foreal ...normal all

    Jose MartinezJose MartinezΠριν 20 ώρες
  • I will Never listen to Cardi B again 🙏

    Tony CherianTony CherianΠριν 21 ώρα
    • @Tony Cherian you are welcome

      Mar KinneyMar KinneyΠριν 19 ώρες
    • @Mar Kinney thank you

      Tony CherianTony CherianΠριν 19 ώρες
    • @Mar Kinney lmfao

      GlocKzGlocKzΠριν 20 ώρες
    • You won’t be missed

      Mar KinneyMar KinneyΠριν 20 ώρες
    • Yes you are

      GlocKzGlocKzΠριν 20 ώρες
  • Her album is dope.

    Eric WongEric WongΠριν 21 ώρα
  • 😍😍😍😍

    Mellie.xo92Mellie.xo92Πριν 21 ώρα
  • The better period neurochemically guard because sailor neuropathologically transport as a warlike play. foolish, illustrious cowbell

    hufsodu nasaqfushufsodu nasaqfusΠριν 22 ώρες
  • Barbies:KILL HER SHE KILLED OUR FAMILY🔪🗡 Barbie:hi sweetheart 👋

    Chaney ChaneyChaney ChaneyΠριν 23 ώρες
  • Ascoooooo de video y asco de canción

    Reyna MN04Reyna MN04Πριν 23 ώρες
  • I would like you to Produce a Jazz Tune. And Sing it fir real.

    Javier GaraciaJavier GaraciaΠριν ημέρα
  • Queen Cardi

    jisoo soupjisoo soupΠριν ημέρα
    • Emperoress Cardi

      Mewanbha KharmynthonMewanbha KharmynthonΠριν 22 ώρες
  • How does any1 listen to dis shit fr

    M.A41M.A41Πριν ημέρα
  • Hey

    Amariona BatesAmariona BatesΠριν ημέρα
  • SummerSlam

    Richard McConnellRichard McConnellΠριν ημέρα
  • Inspirtion : mic drop 😂😂

    Ramkrishna NarkhedeRamkrishna NarkhedeΠριν ημέρα
  • Amo essa música 💙

    Keylla Oliveira RuasKeylla Oliveira RuasΠριν ημέρα

    Ariana GrandeAriana GrandeΠριν ημέρα

    Ariana GrandeAriana GrandeΠριν ημέρα
  • The lyrics are just 🤨🧐🤔😐

    Deathslayer✞༒Deathslayer✞༒Πριν ημέρα
  • What the Fu*K did I just watch?....GOD help me...I feel like I went to sleep in the year 2019 and wake up in the year 2021...

    TatiyanaSerenaTatiyanaSerenaΠριν ημέρα

    Maria EduardaMaria EduardaΠριν ημέρα

    Maria EduardaMaria EduardaΠριν ημέρα
  • damnnnnnnnn

    Zero TwoZero TwoΠριν ημέρα
  • the translation of this song kkkk

    břůňø śőüźâbřůňø śőüźâΠριν ημέρα
  • hooooottt🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Aseel ZAseel ZΠριν ημέρα
  • Does she think things thrown in the air just go up and never come back down? "Cardi if I throw this ball in the air, what happens to the ball"? "It get stuck"

    Mick WoodardMick WoodardΠριν ημέρα
  • with this song I feel like a dirty bitch. lol

    Sara RamírezSara RamírezΠριν ημέρα
  • Best female rapper.

    Madalyn CiabattoniMadalyn CiabattoniΠριν ημέρα
    • yes

      jisoo soupjisoo soupΠριν ημέρα

      Clau dinka ChannelClau dinka ChannelΠριν ημέρα

    Dorothy WilliamsDorothy WilliamsΠριν ημέρα

      Clau dinka ChannelClau dinka ChannelΠριν ημέρα
  • I Love you

    Ana Beatriz Rodrigues BarbieriAna Beatriz Rodrigues BarbieriΠριν ημέρα

      Clau dinka ChannelClau dinka ChannelΠριν ημέρα
  • worst rapper to ever exist

    Yanfei MinajYanfei MinajΠριν ημέρα

      Clau dinka ChannelClau dinka ChannelΠριν ημέρα
    • Hahah dayum fr??

      Clau dinka ChannelClau dinka ChannelΠριν ημέρα
  • Me: Up= Heaven Cardi:

    UniquelyKeiriUniquelyKeiriΠριν ημέρα

      Clau dinka ChannelClau dinka ChannelΠριν ημέρα
  • "How much money do you want to spend on this video Cardi?" *yes*

    sammi the shih tzusammi the shih tzuΠριν ημέρα

      Clau dinka ChannelClau dinka ChannelΠριν ημέρα
  • quien escuchándola hoy 22 de junio Dios los bendiga

    MeliMeliΠριν ημέρα
  • This is a liiit 🔥🔥🔥 single mashup fire

    Luxey Introvert ♪Luxey Introvert ♪Πριν ημέρα
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Luxey Introvert ♪Luxey Introvert ♪Πριν ημέρα
  • We did not sell our soul for money ! we really like each other appearently...

    vain 788vain 788Πριν ημέρα
  • Cardi

    Sour CandySour CandyΠριν ημέρα